Company History

A Family Legacy


Over 100 years ago Woodbury Corporation was founded on the principle of integrity and that is the same principle that guides the company today. Woodbury believe their name is their most valuable asset.


F. Orin Woodbury founded Woodbury Corporation in 1919. What started as a small brokerage grew over time into an organization with hundreds of properties and employees, thanks in large part to F. O.’s reputation for being a hard-working and honest real estate professional who always put integrity over income. He brokered many industrial land assemblage deals including the Standard Oil refinery and pipeline (N. Salt Lake), Utah State Penitentiary, and the Remington Arms Plant.

F. O. believed that real estate developers have a responsibility to ensure properties are something the community can be proud of for generations. He became a leader in real estate circles both locally and nationally and proudly served in many roles, including the national president of the Institute of Real Estate Management. He was asked by President Eisenhower to serve on a US government decentralization committee, with a designated responsibility to move government offices from Washington D.C. to many cities throughout the U.S.

First Generation

Brokerage & Management

Value of real estate

F. Orin believed an investment in real estate would always retain allure as a hard asset, even in a weak economy.The Woodbury family is proud to follow in F. Orin’s footsteps, and works hard to preserve his legacy.

F Orin Woodbury

Even as the industry changes, the basic tenets that have guided Woodbury Corporation from the beginning still apply. Woodbury approaches every project with integrity and knows the importance of hard work. But most importantly, the company knows that through good management, real estate will maintain and grow in value.

Second Generation

Real Estate Development & Consulting

Wallace R Woodbury trial 1

Wallace R. Woodbury

Wallace Richards Woodbury was president of Woodbury Corporation from 1957 to 1979. The company grew tenfold during his leadership years…

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Orin R Woodbury photo crop

Orin R. Woodbury

Orin Richards Woodbury worked closely with his father and brother to help Woodbury Corporation and related companies grow and prosper…

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Third Generation

Management & Development Across All Major Asset Classes


F. Orin’s grandsons W. Richards, O. Randall, Lynn S, Jeffrey K. and Guy R. Woodbury – have led the development of millions of square feet of office and retail properties, a large multifamily residential portfolio and the creation of a hospitality group of Hilton and Marriott hotel properties.

Fourth Generation

National Real Estate Development & Private Equity Management

Continuing the tradition


By working and investing together the fourth generation has embraced Woodbury Corporation’s reputation created by their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfather and have expanded the real estate portfolio.  Recognizing the complications and benefits of modern society, the fourth generation has accepted the need to create sustainable, walkable and more environmentally sensitive development standards.  In addition, they have created a private equity real estate fund platform and have entered into other investment transactions, such as the purchase of Compass Outdoor Advertising.