Management Team

Senior Management


W. Richards Woodbury, Chairman

W. Richards Woodbury is the chairman of Woodbury Corporation, and served as president/CEO of the company for 34 years, and is an active partner/member in more than 100 real estate entities…

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O. Randall Woodbury, CPM, President, CEO

O. Randall Woodbury, CPM, became president of Woodbury Corporation in May 2011…

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Lynn S. Woodbury, Sr. VP Architecture & Construction

Lynn S. Woodbury is the sr. vice president of architecture at Woodbury Corporation…

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Jeffrey Woodbury 976

Jeffrey K. Woodbury, Sr. VP Development & Aquisitions

Jeffrey K. Woodbury is an officer, director, legal counsel and sr. vice president of development and acquisitions at Woodbury…

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a Woodbury_Guy-0010

Guy R. Woodbury, Sr. VP Hospitality

Guy R. Woodbury has worked over 20 years in the hospitality industry overseeing the development and management of Woodbury Corporation’s hotels…

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Walker Kennedy (146 of 1)

Walker Kennedy III, VP & General Counsel

Walker Kennedy III is currently vice president & general counsel for Woodbury Corporation…

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Board Members

Curtis Woodbury (563 of 1)

Curtis Woodbury, Corporate Secretary

Curtis Woodbury serves as secretary of Woodbury Corporation and as the chief financial officer of Woodbury Group, Inc., a Woodbury internal financing conduit…

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Jonathan Woodbury (488 of 1)

Jonathan O. Woodbury, Sr. VP Property Management

Jonathan O. Woodbury serves as director and sr. vice president over property management…

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Joshua B. Woodbury, VP Acquisitions, Director

Joshua B. Woodbury is a director and serves as vice president of acquisitions of Woodbury Corporation…

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Scott Bishop (356 of 1)

Scott S. Bishop, CFO

Scott S. Bishop is the CFO for Woodbury Corporation. He oversees all aspects of construction, bridge, and permanent financing…

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a Dalley_Sina-6670

Sina Dalley, VP & Tax Director

Sina Dalley serves as a director of Woodbury Corporation. Working for almost 20 years as an accountant for Woodbury…

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Taylor Woodbury (212 of 1)

E. Taylor Woodbury, COO

Taylor Woodbury serves as a director and COO of Woodbury Corporation and is the project manager of the Falcon Hill Aerospace Research Park…

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Arty Woodbury (524 of 1)

Arthur Woodbury, VP Development & Acquisitions Team

Arthur joined Woodbury Corporation in April 2012.  He is managing director of the Woodbury Capital funds…

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BarberaFeeley 1021

Barbara Woodbury Feeley, TopAd Media

Barbara Woodbury Feeley is the director of operations of TopAd Media, Woodbury Corporation’s out of home advertising business…

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Danny Woodbury (244 of 1)

Dan Woodbury, Director of Leasing

Danny Woodbury oversees all leasing efforts of Woodbury Corporation across its office and retail portfolio…

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Douglas R. Woodbury, Treasurer

Douglas R. Woodbury serves as the treasurer of Woodbury Corporation…

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Gary Adam 981

Gary M. Adam, Controller

Gary M. Adam is the controller and accounting department manager for Woodbury Corporation…

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Jason Wedlick, Sr. Project Manager

Jason Wedlick is a senior project manager for Woodbury Corporation…

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Joe Rich (79 of 1)

Joseph D. Rich, VP

Joseph D. Rich serves as a vice president of Woodbury Corporation. Since he joined in 1990, he has played a major role in…

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Luke Woodbury (219 of 1)

Luke Woodbury, VP Architecture

Luke Woodbury is the vice president of architecture at Woodbury Corporation…

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Mckinnon Woodbury (282 of 1)

McKinnon L. Woodbury, Development Director

McKinnon oversees the company’s deal analysis and underwriting group, which is responsible for asset level business plans…

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Scott George (521 of 1)

Scott George, VP Hotel Operations

In the hospitality industry since 1990, Scott George is passionate about building culture, growing teams and developing people…

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Steven Clayton (495 of 1)

Steven Clayton, Director of Tax & Asst. Controller

Steve Clayton serves as both director of family tax and as assistant controller of Woodbury Corporation…

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WendyWoodbury 1004

Wendy Woodbury, VP Hotel Development & Procurement

Wendy Woodbury fills a key role in the hospitality department at Woodbury Corporation managing hotel development, renovations…

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Josh Berger

Josh Berger, Director of Development - Midwest Office

Josh Berger is a Director of Development at Woodbury Corporation’s Midwest office…

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