Developing premium quality, profitable hotels is our passion.
Operators, designers and developers collaborate throughout the Woodbury hotel development process.


Woodbury is uniquely organized with architecture, development, hotel operations, finance, legal and accounting experts working together under one roof. With these in-house experts joining forces to do everything from vetting initial concepts and acquiring the land to training the staff and implementing the grand opening, the Woodbury hotel development team has consistently proven its ability to deliver exceptional hotels.


One of the hallmarks of Woodbury’s hotel development method is the input throughout the design and construction process from our knowledgeable hotel operations and engineering experts. This collaboration allows Woodbury to build premium quality projects that are built to last and can be operated efficiently.

Woodbury approaches hotel development from an owner's perspective. We don't know how to engage any other way.


Successful hotels must provide exceptional experiences to guests, employees, and owners alike. Our formula for achieving this success involves partnering with the best hotel brands in the hospitality industry (such as Marriott and Hilton brands) and then working closely with these brands to stay on the cutting-edge of product design and service delivery. Woodbury approaches hotel development from an owner’s perspective. We don’t know how to engage in any other way. As a result, our care and diligence to details in each of our projects reflect our mindset of personal investment in each of our projects.


• Market Analysis
• Land Acquisitions
• Entitlements, City Approvals
• Franchise Acquisition & Implementation
• Pre-construction Budgeting
• Architectural Design and Engineering
• Construction Management
• Interior Design
• Procurement
• Landscape Design