Woodbury Corporation is passionate about providing exceptional hotel management.
Our seasoned executive management team benefits from many years of diverse experience in the hospitality industry and excellent formal education.

Award-Winning Team

Woodbury Corporation has a dedicated team of experienced hotel General Managers and department heads; many of whom began their careers as front-line team members and advanced to greater roles and responsibilities. A number of our hotel teams and associates have received national-recognition for their award-winning service, support of brand initiatives, and community involvement.

Our management philosophy is based on these fundamental principles:

• Maintain high quality product
• Partner closely with strong brands
• Foster an enjoyable work environment by treating associates like family
• Provide outstanding, reliable guest service
• Sell through proactive, direct, and aggressive sales, marketing and eCommerce efforts
• Execute timely revenue management strategies
• Implement prudent financial controls
• Manage from an “owner’s perspective” to create sustained profitability and long term value
• Cultivate integrity and transparency with our partners and associates