Accounting Department

Certified professionals

Woodbury Corporation’s accounting team consists of certified public accountants and other accounting professionals with more than 200 years of combined accounting and tax preparation experience.

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  • Tax Accounting & Preparation
  • Hotel Management Accounting
  • Construction Accounting
  • Property Management Accounting
  • Entity Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll Services



Accurate, meticulous and service-oriented financial reporting has been at the heart of Woodbury Corporation's success for over 100 years. The team of professionals has accounting and tax expertise across fifteen U.S. states and dozens of municipalities. With more than 400 entities, Woodbury demands and offers the utmost efficiency, transparency and accuracy for customers, partners, lenders and owners

Our Management Team

Gary Adam 981

Gary M. Adam, Controller

Gary M. Adam is the controller and accounting department manager for Woodbury Corporation…

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a Dalley_Sina-6670

Sina Dalley, VP & Tax Director

Sina Dalley serves as vice president and tax director of Woodbury Corporation. Working for almost 20 years as an accountant for Woodbury…

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Douglas R. Woodbury, Treasurer

Douglas R. Woodbury serves as the treasurer of Woodbury Corporation…

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Steven Clayton (495 of 1)

Steven Clayton, Director of Tax & Assistant Controller

Steve Clayton serves as both director of family tax and as assistant controller of Woodbury Corporation…

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