Handling a broad array of complex legal activities, the team of veteran attorneys resemble more of a boutique real estate law firm than in-house council

Passionate about building long-term relationships

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Woodbury Corporation has gathered an intensely passionate and diverse group of individuals whose motive is to help create mutually beneficial long-term relationships with tenants, communities and companies.  Woodbury’s legal team has successfully negotiated and drafted dozens of complex public-private partnerships and commercial transactions as well as thousands of leases and ancillary documentation.

Legal Team

Walker Kennedy (146 of 1)

Walker Kennedy III, VP General Counsel

Walker Kennedy III is currently vice president and general counsel for Woodbury Corporation…

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Dejah Cook (154 of 1)

Dejah M. Cook, Director of Legal Operations

Dejah Cook has worked with Woodbury Corporation since 2005 and is the director of legal operations…

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Jack W. Reed, Senior Associate General Counsel, Special Projects

Jack W. Reed is currently senior associate general counsel. Mr. Reed received his B.A…

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James Taylor, Associate General Counsel, Financing

James N. Taylor is an associate general counsel for Woodbury Corporation. Mr. Taylor leads the legal team responsible for closing loans for the Woodbury portfolio of properties…

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Rob Gurney, Associate General Counsel, Leasing

Rob Gurney is currently associate general counsel at Woodbury Corporation. He focuses primarily on commercial lease negotiations and related lease transactions…

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Clay Stephenson, Associate General Counsel, Leasing

Clay Stephenson is an associate general counsel who joined Woodbury Corporation in 2013. Mr. Stephenson primarily focuses on development, acquisitions and joint ventures….

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Adam T. Pritchard, Senior Corporate Counsel, Dispositions

Adam T. Pritchard is corporate counsel for Woodbury Corporation. Mr. Pritchard is involved in the legal documentation and closing of real property dispositions…

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Mitchell Tate, Corporate Counsel, Financing

Mitchell Tate joined Woodbury Corporation in 2016. He works primarily on financing…

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