Utah State University Innovation Campus


Mixed Use: Commercial Office and Laboratory, Open Green Space


1780 Research Park Way # 108, North Logan, UT 84341


22 Acres

Square Footage:


Inovar 1


What started as a simple acquisition in 2004 has evolved into a long-standing relationship with Utah State University, and the creation of an 11-building innovation campus.  With over 204,000 sf of state-of-the-art commercial office and laboratory space, The USU Innovation Campus has become a prized asset.

Located on a Utah State campus land lease, the Innovation Campus in located in the heart of growing Logan, UT.  Highly admired for their innovation in aerospace engineering; USU provides a steady stream of highly talented and educated engineers to the local workforce.  This growing pool of qualified employees drives significant demand for such spaces and has contributed to the long-term success of the asset.


Woodbury Corporation originally acquired the existing Innovation Campus in 2004.  Since acquisition, Woodbury has carried out the 6k sf expansion of building one, and construction of the recently completed Building 11.



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